Reem Maghribi 9 Inteviews

Reem Maghribi is the Managing Director of Sharq.Org, an NGO focused on the development of oral history collections that reflect communities and experiences of the Arab world.


"Reem, from Arbin, Syria, talks to us about joining the awareness-raising campaign entitled, “Speak, We’re With You,” organized by the Syriac St. Ephrem Patriarchal Development..."

Naima Gharbi

"Naima Gharbi is the executive director of the organization Voices of Youth of Krib in Tunisia. Here, she introduces the Women’s Forum for a Culture..."

Yassin Joulal

"Yassin Joulal, coordinator of the Moroccans of the World Youth Committee, talks to us about the work they undertook: For its part in battling the..."

Haysam Youssef

"I am Haysam Youssef and I’m 55 years old. I left Syria in 1989. I was in my fourth year studying law at the University..."

Gona Saed

"My name is Gona Saed. I’m from Iraqi Kurdistan and I came to the UK twenty-one years ago as a political refugee with my three-year-old..."

George Matar

"My name is George, I’m 31 years old, from Syria. I graduated with a degree in oil, petroleum, and gas engineering and went to Germany..."

Jouman Mohammad

"My name is Jouman Mohammad. I’m 50 years old, originally from Iraq and now a UK citizen. I live in London, and previously in my..."

Mohammad Abdlrazak

"My name is Mohammad Abdlrazak. I’m a Syrian citizen from the village of Kiljibreen in Aleppo governorate, born in 1970. I came to Cyprus at..."

Khalil Jabo

"I’m Khalil Jabo, a Kurd from Afrin. I arrived in Denmark at 2013, and sometime later I was granted a residency permit. When I was..."