Imane Er Rami

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I am Imane Er Rami. I am a Moroccan researcher at the academic level holding a PhD at Mohammed V University in Rabat, majoring in Sociology. At the civil level, I am a human rights activist with many national bodies and organisations concerned with defending human rights in general and women's rights in particular.

Regarding personal experience with taboos. Personally, I do not have experience with social taboos, but I have previously worked at the academic and research level in this context. I had worked on the issue of marital rape, which was in 2018. I worked in partnership with the Arab Council or with funding from the Arab Council for the Social Sciences in this context in which we were trying to address the sexuality of a group of Moroccan women. It was not easy to carry out this study, and therefore we used a set of mechanisms to gain people's trust and to make them talk about their sexuality. In the end, the study yielded very important results, and for information on these results, you can refer to the official website. For example, the Arab Council for the Social Sciences, I believe the gendered resistance in its second edition, a book published on the official website of the Council.

With regard to Moroccan society, what could threaten security and peace in Moroccan society? As you know, Moroccan society is a society known for its multiplicity of ethnic components. Any fragmentation at the level of this coexistence is what may hinder this progress, prosperity and the achievement of security in the Moroccan country, given that these components constitute the whole of society and cannot be isolated in any way.