Tarikhi celebrates with multidisciplinary event

Sharq.Org hosted a multi-disciplinary event on 15 November 2019 to celebrate Tarikhi: A Platform for Voices from the Arab Region. The digital platform hosts video and audio recordings, accompanied by transcripts or summaries, of interviews conducted and stories documented by Sharq.Org with individuals in and of the Arab region. The Sharq.Org oral history programme aims to enhance inclusion of diverse people and experiences in the narratives that shape opinion; the ultimate aim being to facilitate understanding and acceptance in a region marred by tyranny and division.

The event included an exhibition of artworks commissioned to visually reflect stories captured in the collection 'Syrian Histories'; and an exhibition of photographs taken by photojournalist George Azar, whose work in visual storytelling is documented in a Q&A published in a booklet produced for the event.

The event also included recitals of excerpts of 'I Am Not a Vase', a play produced by Sharq.Org in partnership with Lina Abyad and Madonna Adib based on stories documented i the same collection. A panel discussion with professionals engaged in storytelling in the region was also held at the event.